Too Easy: Teaching the Realities of Energy Medicine

For years I racked my brains for a solution. How can I teach patients about the reality of something that cannot be touched or seen and is beyond the range of sensory perception? Energy medicine: how do I prove to my patients that it exists and that it works–in their first session with me?

The answer that finally came to me was just too easy.

I was sitting across from a patient, and I was explaining to her about energy medicine, or as I put it “the quantum physics of healing,” and how our bodies are run by various forms of energy: biochemical (nutrients), electrical (nervous system and cardiovascular system), electromagnetic (automatically comes from electrical currents), and solar (creation of vitamin D from sunshine). Then I explained that our thoughts also affect our physical health, strength, and functioning. This can be easily demonstrated by how muscle strength shifts (basic muscle testing technique) when we entertain positive vs. negative thoughts, emotions, and words. See below for how muscle testing is done. I demonstrated this process to the patient, and sure enough, her arm was strong when she held a positive thought, emotion, or word and became weak when she held a negative thought, emotion, or word.

Then the idea struck me that we could use her muscle strength as an indicator of her whole body’s strength, stamina, and energy state. We would eliminate any affect that positive or negative thoughts, emotions, or words may have on her muscle tone by simply asking her to remain neutral, clearing her mind of any thoughts, emotions, or words that might confound the results. Then, while she was doing certain mental maneuvers and healing techniques, I asked her to extend her arm so that we could test her muscle strength during these mental maneuvers and healing techniques. The results were so striking and convincing that every patient since this approach have come away after the first intake appointment completely convinced of the power of thoughts on physical strength, stamina, and health.

Here are the list of activities that I run the patient through and the consistent results I obtained:

1) I tell the patient that I will be mentally sending him/her positive life energy — energy that exists all around us that supports a healthy, perfect, and wonderful life — and all the patient does is set an intention to be receptive. Then while I am sending him/her life energy, I test the patient for muscle strength and stamina.

Result: the strength of the patient increases tremendously. I tell them it is 20 times stronger, and the patients never disagree with me, because they can feel their own strength, and the difference is so incredibly remarkable and obvious.

2) I tell the patient that I will send them life energy, but this time they will pretend that they are skeptical scientists who don’t believe life energy exists, because they refuse to accept anything that can’t be measured or be sensed. While I am sending them life energy, I test their muscle strength again.

Result: the strength of the patient decreases from baseline. Again the difference is remarkable and cannot be disputed.

3) I teach the patient how to do “Energy Breaths” and test the patient while he/she is doing this energy technique. Energy Breaths, simply summarized, is visualizing positive life energy flowing in with each inhalation and releasing negative energy and blockages with each exhalation, directing the negative energy towards the center of the earth where it can be eliminated. I test the patient’s muscle strength during Energy Breaths.

Result: the strength of the patient increases tremendously.

4) Now I tell the patient to set an intention during the Energy Breaths that the effect of this technique will last throughout the rest of the day even when the patient is not actively and consciously engaged in doing Energy Breaths. This time I ask the patient to stop doing any energy work before I do the muscle testing.

Result: the strength of the patient is still tremendously increased even when not consciously doing Energy Breaths.

In addition, I also teach the patient to set an intention for the duration to last “their entire life, from the time of conception to the end of their life” to help them extend the power of their intentions.

5) I now get a baseline again of the patient’s strength when I apply pressure on his/her arm. Then I ask the patient to think of a negative thought while I retest the muscle strength. The patient’s muscle strength dramatically weakens. I tell the patient to do the Energy Breaths with the intention that life energy will be a shield and protection against any negative effects from negative thoughts and emotions. Duration is set for the person’s entire life.

Result: the strength increases noticeably, but the patient may not be completely successful the first time. If not completely successful the first time, I simply ask the patient to do it again. I do not assist them. Usually by the second time, the muscle strength remains perfectly unperturbed when the same negative thought is held in mind.

By the end of our little energy medicine demonstration, the patient’s muscle strength is much stronger than when they first stepped through the door. The difference is so remarkable that it leaves no room for doubt after the demonstration.

Thoughts do have an immediate, dramatic, and undeniable impact on physical health and strength. Any patient with an intact, rational thought process can now know it without a doubt within the first session. Not only can the principles of energy medicine be demonstrated, but the patient leaves the session feeling completely empowered and ready to heal themselves.

It’s just too easy to prove.

Now why did it take me almost five years to figure this out?

* To do muscle testing, have the patient extend his/her arm and hold/resist while you push down on the arm a few inches above the wrist with your fingers, using gradually increasing pressure. Repeat this until both of you can reproduce the effect consistently each time. Get a baseline reading of how strong the patient is, then see how the patient’s thoughts, emotions, and words affect the muscle strength, or in other words, the ability of the patient to resist and hold, when you apply increasing pressure on the arm. A change in the strength on the patient’s arm is an indicator of the patient’s overall energy state. This process is ultimately under the control of the patient’s intention. Think of intention as the control knob and the energy state as the setting of the thermostat.