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August 2019

Someone close to me was diagnosed and treated by the general psychiatric medical profession that after several hospitalizations couldn't even provide a definitive diagnosis. Leaving the hospital with no diagnosis and simply treating symptoms, this person was put on potent prescriptions that put them in a stupor walking through their daily routine. And after trying many, only one prescription medication was able to be tolerated. But besides making this person a zombie, it added significant weight gain. Another med made their teeth gray and a mouthful of cavities for the first time in their life. The prescription meds were ultimately dulling the mind, and encouraged apathy and depression.

Looking for something else, orthomolecular therapy was considered and after doing some online research, they found Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee has taken this patient off prescription meds and has brought them back to a state of health which is still ongoing. After very conservatively weaning off the prescription meds and currently clearing viruses from the body using homeopathic medicines, there has been remarkable progress, this person is able to drive, work, shop and plans to return to college in a clear-headed way. Clearing the viruses while stabilizing the general health of the body with supplementation seemed key to this patient's recovery.

Quality of life is worth every penny.

Leslie M.
Hagerstown, MD

July 2019

I was depressed and taking prescriptions when I was highly recommended to see Dr. Lee. In a few months, I was out of my medication and has been out of depression for almost 10 years now. After that treatment, I got diagnosed with Lyme and she again was there to treat me. I have been Lyme free for 5 years now.

My teenager son was treated by her for anxiety, depression and attention deficit. Without that treatment, I don't think he would have reached black belt in Jiu Jitsu and wouldn't have the "A" grades at school.

Recently, my daughter who is 10 years old had pain all over her joints and wasn't able to play basketball comparatively. I brought her to see Dr. Lee and for the last 3 months, she has been pain free. Thanks to that treatment, she was able to compete and win in third place the National Champion Jr. NBA Shooting Competition. Our family appreciate Dr. Lee's phenomenal work. My husband will be her next patient starting in the fall of 2019.

Clarissa R.
Gaithersburg, MD

July 2019

I have lived with social anxiety my entire life and a few years ago I finally looked for treatment with a conventional psychiatrist and began seeing a therapist. I was prescribed several different medications and none of them seemed to do anything for me. My psychiatrist insisted on increasing my doses but I didn't believe that would help so I stopped taking the prescriptions. A couple years later, I found Dr. Lee and though her practice seemed to be unconventional, I was willing to try anything to cure my social anxiety. Now, having been on her nutritional regimen for nearly two months, I am amazed that my anxiety has almost completely subsided. I never thought this could be possible and I am so glad I tried Dr. Lee's regimen!

Alix K.
Los Angeles, CA

July 2019

I rarely write a review but I feel like everyone who needs help in withdrawing psychotropic medications must see Dr. Lee. People don't realize how addictive these kind of drugs can be. My husband had some work-related stress and couldn't sleep very well at night. He went to a conventional psychiatrist and was prescribed with small dose of Prozac and alprazolam(Xanax). The doctor said it was totally ok to take them with minimal side effects. And just like that he was hooked. We didn't know that it was highly addictive and when he tried quitting, the withdrawal symptoms were horrible. Let's just say I do not want to experience that again....

Dr. Lee helped us so much and also with my pre-teen daughter who's going through puberty stage. I mean if you have depression/anxiety/stress issues, do you want to take drugs for the rest of your life? What if the drugs don't work anymore? Can you keep upping the dose? Eventually your body will not be able to work on its own and create all sorts of problems. I don't know why there aren't more doctors like Dr. Lee. She focuses on truly healing your mind and body with natural supplements and energy work. She is compassionate and understanding and will try to help you whatever it takes. I can tell you that it takes a lot of work and is not an easy road like meds that give you quick relief. But it will be worth it for a better healthier life and Dr. Lee will be there with you on your healing journey.

Haeyoon P.
North Potomac, MD

July 2019

I thought that I would be on medications my entire life; that there was no alternative, and I could only mitigate the damaging side effects. I was concerned that this meant I could never have a child for fear of the fetus being adversely affected. After working with Dr. Lee for a year, I have been completely off of medications and stable for four months. My career and relationships are flourishing, and I have never been in a better place with my health.

It was scary at first when I started treatment with Dr. Lee. Her methods are innovative, holistic, and trailblazing. As such, I felt that I was going way out on a limb, adopting modalities that are so profoundly different than the mainstream medical model. But I took a leap of faith and committed to treatment for at least one year. It was the best decision I have ever made for my health. At the onset, I was overwhelmed by all of the supplements and the cost of treatment. Now I am off medications, and my supplements are coming down. I can confidently say that it was time, effort, and money very well spent; the best investment I have ever made.

If you are willing to do the work, and partner with Dr. Lee in your healing, I can not recommend her more highly. Don't expect a quick or easy fix, but do know that Dr. Lee is invested in your health and truly cares. Such a refreshing change from the 15-minute symptom treatment appointments to an in-depth focus on healing underlying causes and true health.

Liz R.
Washington, D.C.

July 2019

Dr. Lee is the most genuine, caring, and supportive psychiatrists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. All throughout high school I had been prescribed antidepressants by 'conventional' psychiatrists. I had also been self-medicating with marijuana daily for almost 2 years. When I began my first semester of college, I developed minor anxiety. I was prescribed a fairly high dose of Zoloft by my ex-psychiatrist. 2 weeks after starting on Zoloft I developed panic attack disorder. I woke up to panic attacks every single day and lived in constant fear of the next attack--It was so bad that I even ended up taking medical leave from my university. I became incredibly frustrated with typical western medicine.

I found Dr. Lee through a google search and after reading her website, I was ready for a more holistic approach. After beginning my work with Dr. Lee, I felt a major shift in my life. I was able to come off all of my antidepressant/anti-anxiety medications within the first few months and with almost no withdrawal side-effects. About a month after detoxing from the prescription medications, I was able to cut marijuana out as well. And, I went back to school that very next semester!!! Since then, I no longer suffer from depression/panic attacks--all thanks to Dr. Lee's approach to psychological disorders. A huge part of why I was experiencing such psychological turmoil was my body's biology and chemistry. I had a large build-up of toxins, viruses, and a lack of nutrients, making it incredibly hard for my body to function properly and to support healthy psychological behavior.

Dr. Lee recognized that my depression and anxiety were symptoms of a much larger issue. While trauma played a role in creating an environment in which my anxiety could thrive, Dr. Lee knew that the first step in healing was correcting my body's imbalances so that a healthy-me could thrive instead. Using a regimen of natural supplements in conjunction with talk-therapy, energy work, and logosynthesis, Dr. Lee has given me a shot at a healthier, more optimistic life! She has changed my life and taught me so much that I have decided to study towards becoming a holistic psychiatrist as well! I highly recommend Dr. Lee for everyone currently on prescription medications!

Kellie G.
Yonkers, NY

July 2019

While Dr. Lee is very experienced in her field, she is also an avid writer, with a consistent stream of weekly newsletters to her audience of patients and clinicians with an interest in Holistic and Alternative Medicine. This kind of transparent and vulnerable communication is rare to find, particularly when it comes to health practitioners. This connecting strategy is something that more practitioners should be looking to for an example of how to best serve, treat and interact with patients. Inspiring!

John R.
Potomac, MD

February 2018

Dr. Lee was a very compassionate doctor. She uses alternative methods to help her patients heal. She may help you break the cycle of turning to more pharmaceuticals, intended to cover the side effects of previously prescribed drugs.

Andreas M.
San Francisco, CA

July 2016

Dr Lee is a pioner in her field. I have seen closely how she managed to treat two very close persons without any formal medication achieving incredible results with no side effects.

Claudia S.
Rockville, MD

January 2015

I first went to see Dr. Lee a little over a year ago with symptoms of anxiety, depression, dizziness, heart palpitations, insomnia and inability to exercise or walk for more than ¼ block without feeling like fainting. I had spent a great deal in emergency visits at the hospital and saw a variety of doctors from cardiologists, ophthalmologists, internists, etc. who prescribed a variety of tests and blood work and who found nothing wrong with me. I was put on antibiotics twice because of my dizziness with no avail.

I saw Dr. Lee and she placed me on nutritional supplements, taught me EFT and energy work. I noticed a great difference almost immediately because I started sleeping well at night. My symptoms disappeared in a matter of three weeks and I started feeling normal again, wanting to be active, and having energy to exercise, having again interest in doing the things I used to enjoy doing before getting sick. I started walking and was able in a matter of 2 months walk 5-6 miles!

I continue taking her supplements and visit her occasionally. She has allowed me to take supplements from other places too. I have gone through tremendous stress and difficulties in my life lately but I have never felt anxious, depressed or dizzy as I used to feel before I saw her for the first time. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Lee. Thanks to her I feel like I was given a second chance to enjoy life again. She is a caring individual who takes her time to listen. Yes, visiting her can be expensive but for me it is a great health investment that me and my family get to enjoy. I highly recommend her.

Derwood, MD

June 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Alice Lee for about 4 years and she is a wonderful practitioner who uses a holistic approach for psychiatric disorders. I was able to get off the very toxic and dangerous anti-psychotic medications under Dr. Lee's care after depending on them for over 20 years. Dr. Lee uses natural approaches such as vitamin supplements and energy medicine to help lessen the symptoms of these mental disorders and is very successful.

Robert E.
Owings Mills, MD

June 2014

You are most likely reading this because you are looking for help or a way to effectively get off Venlafaxine Hydrochloride (a.k.a. Effexor XR) or are wondering about Dr. Alice Lee specifically.

Dr. Lee was the best option for me and was able to get me off Venlafaxine Hydrochloride, rid me of the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and I was still a normal person throughout the process.

You may have already tried to get off Venlafaxine Hydrochloride by yourself or with the help of a traditional-by-the-book-physician who has not done the research or have been on Venlafaxine Hydrochloride themselves. If you have tried to get off this drug the usual way you did so by reducing your dosage to the next lower dosage provided by the drug maker. You then experienced what I can best describe as reality on delay (or stuttered) and emotions that ... well ... if you have done this you know what I mean. The emotional trauma of just trying to get off this stuff is worse, much worse, than being on the stuff.

It is only then you realize that you are drug dependent. At least this was when it really became apparent to me. Your mind & body cannot do without it. Yeah, I was there too. I tried to get off twice using the traditional method. It did not work for me at all.

I started seeing Dr Alice during the second attempt when it was not going well. She helped me to equilibrate at 150mg, from 300mg, since I was already two weeks into the reduction, but still having trouble. I later learned, from my body's reactions thereafter, that any 50% reduction was a huge step.

I went through Dr. Lee's program for several months. It took a little over a year, but the process got me off Venlafaxine Hydrochloride and did so in a manner that was easier on my body, supported good nutritional habits, and so many more benefits. I hope you realize, as I do, that it was not simply about getting off Venlafaxine Hydrochloride. There was the underlying issue(s) that resulted in a prescription for Venlafaxine Hydrochloride in the first place. Well, Dr. Lee helped me through that using a style that was more hands on and did not leave me to talk about and figure everything out myself. Think about it ... If I could talk myself through my issues I would never have been on Venlafaxine Hydrochloride in the first place.

I have been completely off Venlafaxine Hydrochloride since Jan 2011 and may see Dr. Lee once every six months or more just to recalibrate and to talk through any new challenges. Dr. Lee. and her program were a godsend for me.

Peter B.
Washington, D.C.