Stories of light and hope from those who have healed . . .

Stories of light and hope from those who have healed . . .

Treatment of Asperger’s Disorder in a 4 year old Boy

At around 3.5 years old, my son was officially diagnosed with ASD by a private professional and the public service called ChildFind. He had behavior issues such as aggression and lack of focus and hyperactivity, at one point, his rage was out of control and was scratching, hitting and kicking us whenever something did not go his way. He had a lot of energy and was non-stop, it was tiring to spend the weekend with him and he also did not sleep very well at night, still waking up 2 to3 times.

I was desperate to find something that can help. I googled a lot online, I typed “autism cure” and watched youtube videos of moms who went through so much to help their kids who were diagnosed with ASD. They gave me courage and hope, I read books on ASD, read acupuncture research papers on treatment with ASD. I tried giving my son the general supplements that were recommended on the forums, acupuncture, acupressure massage(tui-na), herbs and an allergy elimination technique called NAET. None of them seemed to worked very well and provided inconsistent results.

Finally, I was referred to Dr. Lee. If you found Dr. Lee or are on her website reading, I believe you are just like how I was, despite being told the diagnosis and that there are no cures you feel you can do something to help your child’s ASD. Also, you probably have read a lot of information on diet changes and supplementation and how they can help kids with ASD. If not, I suggest reading this book, “Healing the New Childhood Epidemics” by Dr. Bock, it helped me understand how everything in our bodies are connected, how important a healthy gut is, and background information on diet, supplementation and detoxification and will save you from spending a lot of time (money) asking Dr. Lee basic question. Dr. Lee utilizes special healing modalities that are atypical, but don’t be scared or think it is weird, just give it a try. Through these techniques, she is able to gain invaluable information on the patient regarding deficiencies and needs and thus can work on improving those deficiencies.

The cost maybe be a bit high however results (for our son) were immediate. Private occupational therapy would probably cost the same if not more but would never be able to resolve our issue completely. They say ASD is like living in a fog, if you can never hear, understand or think clearly, no matter how much occupational therapy you get, you will still be confused and frustrated. However, I hope Dr. Lee will be able to help your child to clear that fog, like she did for my son, and resolve the issue once and for all. As for us, under her guidance, our son has improved tremendously in just 2.5 months, pretty much a normal child now, with some mischiefs here and there, which is pretty normal for a toddler. When the Child Find therapist started working with my son, she said she couldn’t really find anything wrong with him, he had excellent eye contact and conversation and was good at sharing and taking turn; his current behavior didn’t match up with the initial observation report at all and she said that he will probably not need the service soon and we are totally fine with that. As for my son’s sleep, he is sleeping through the night from 8:30PM to 7:30AM since the second appointment with Dr. Lee. We are very grateful to have found Dr. Lee!
— Lilian C, Vienna, VA

Withdrawing from 14 years of Antidepressant Use

I am a 35 year old woman who began seeing Dr. Lee in April of 2009. My therapist recommended that I see her for help with depression and anxiety with frequent panic attacks. I was sleeping only three to four hours a night, and sometimes not at all. I had originally wanted to take medication, as I had some relief from my depression on Prozac several years earlier. However, I was taking Zomig for frequent, severe migraine headaches and therefore could not take several classes of drugs. I had been taking a prescription medication for migraine headaches since 2002.

I was somewhat nervous about trying an alternative health approach, but Dr. Lee quickly eased those fears during my first visit. She thoroughly explained her energy medicine techniques, as well as how nutrition and the use of nutritional supplements worked together to promote healing. I left that first appointment still depressed, but with a strong sense that I had finally found someone that understood what I was going through and could actually help me get well.

After about three weeks of diet changes, weekly appointments, and taking the supplements, I felt as if a dark fog had been lifted from around me. It was as if I could see and feel sunshine again. I could sleep again. I was happy. The panic attacks were gone within another two weeks. I went to a party without any social anxiety for the first time in my life. It was amazing. The only health issue that I still had was the headaches. They hadn’t gotten much better, although through using essential oils, I had slightly decreased my use of Zomig.

I would have been thrilled with just that amount of healing. I had my life back, and I was more than willing to deal with the headaches, as bad as they were. But with a bit more homeopathic and nutritional support, I was able to stop taking Zomig after three months. I rarely get a headache now. And when I do get one, it is mild and really just a nuisance. In addition, I have gradually been able to decrease the amount of nutritional supplements necessary for maintaining my health.

Dr. Lee is exceptionally gifted. I am so grateful for having found her. I would not hesitate to give her my highest recommendation.
— W.B.