Energy Medicine

Energy is the fundamental building block of all matter: and it is fundamental in the matter of life and health.

We already know that the body operates through the use of mechanical (bones, air, water), biochemical, electrical, and electromagnetic energy. Through spirometry, EEG, ECG, MRI, PET and SPECT scans, the effects of these forms of energy are recorded and measured by medical instruments and interpreted with respect to matters of health everyday. For example, the electrical currents that flow through the heart create a linear pattern on an ECG printout and provide information about the health of the heart. In fact, if the heart fails, sometimes electric paddles can resuscitate the heart similar to jump starting the battery of a car.

Unfortunately until an instrument is widely accepted as capable of measuring thought energy, it is difficult to accept thought as a form of energy that directly impacts the health of the body. One method that can demonstrate the effect of thoughts on the body, however, is a technique called “muscle testing” or “applied kinesiology.”


In muscle testing, person #1 extends his/her arm out and holds it while person #2 applies increasing pressure on person #1’s forearm. Simple enough? After some practice, persons #1 and 2 will be able to repeat the process consistently, getting a clear and consistent idea of how strong person #1 is capable of holding while person #2 pushes in a consistent manner. Now test what happens to person #1’s muscle strength when he/she holds a true vs. a false thought, positive vs. negative thought, or a happy vs. sad thought. Does person #1’s muscle strength change when thoughts change? How does it change? What happens when person #1 thinks of junk food or white refined sugar? Find out for yourself.

Muscle testing demonstrates a natural phenomenon: that thoughts do have a direct, powerful, and immediate affect on the body. Muscle strength changes in response to thoughts, because the body is truly a finely tuned instrument that resonates with and reacts to thought energy.

While muscle testing demonstrates that thoughts have a direct affect on the body, it is a multifaceted tool and can be helpful in other ways. For example, many clinicians in the field of energy medicine use muscle testing as a way to access unknown information and discover what is true or false. However, the accuracy of muscle testing depends on the person(s) involved in the testing. Afterall, the instrument for detecting the energy signal is the person’s own body. Some people have a natural facility for doing accurate muscle testing, while others do not.

In my practice, muscle testing is used methodically and creatively as a means of exploration. Information gathered through muscle testing is integrated with the patient’s history, clinical symptoms, medical knowledge, clinical experience, and laboratory data. Over time I have experienced many circumstances when I benefited from the use of muscle testing in accessing data that I could not have known initially, but was later revealed as accurate as well as helpful. How muscle testing can access information that is unknown to the tester still needs further elucidation. However, just as a child can walk before comprehending a double blind placebo controlled trial on muscle function, I have found muscle testing to be very helpful despite my ignorance of its underlying mechanisms.

As fascinating and controversial as muscle testing may be, it is but the tip of the iceberg in the field of energy medicine. Beyond the fact that thoughts affect the body is the concept that thoughts can transform matter and can heal.


Once believed to be ridiculous, the idea that thought is a form of manipulatable energy that can transform matter is now the intense subject of study by pioneering researchers from different professional fields. Whether enjoying the research by Dr. Masaru Emoto on, reading Dr. William Tiller’s books on consciousness and creation, or admiring Adam’s amazing healings through energy medicine, the answer is affirmative: thoughts do transform matter.

My first introduction to the power of transformative thought was through a therapist who showed me how to heal using Thought Field Therapy. The specific technique he taught was “Emotional Freedom Technique” or EFT. Thought Field Therapy combines acupressure points with focused intention to facilitate healing. While the acupressure points employed remain consistent, it is the shifting of focused intent on healing different problems that gives the technique great flexibility in healing a wide variety of maladies, including phobias, allergies, traumas, and addictions.

As I studied how EFT powerfully healed people from a myriad of maladies, I concluded that although no biochemical intervention had been given, a biochemical transformation must have resulted nonetheless. How else could fears resolve without also altering the person’s neurotransmitters, or allergies disappear without modifying the immune response? What I had observed must have involved thoughts’ transformative effect on biochemistry and physical matter.

Later I noticed that the healing power of consciousness was mediated through focused intention. The simplicity of using consciousness for healing attracted me, and in time I learned to magnify its potential and harness its healing ability. A systematic method for using focused intention for transforming matter and accelerating the healing process gradually evolved from my work, and I called my method “Infinite Intention.”

While I was exploring the power of intention, I ran across some funny and unexpected experiences. Once when I set an intention to transform a child’s heavy metals to water, the mother called to say that he had to go to the bathroom four times in the next hour. This happened a number of times to other patients before I was struck with a better idea. I changed my intention to transforming heavy metals and toxins to “helpful things for the body.” Since then patients have not had to rush to the bathroom after my treatments.

Another time, as I closed my eyes and focused on doing energy work, a repetitive buzzing sound began near me. Initially I thought it was a mother’s cell phone vibrating, and I was wondering why she had not turned it off immediately. Then I noticed that the buzzing occurred in synchrony with my focused intentions to send energy through my hands. Finally during a pause in my energy work, I opened my eyes to see what had caused the buzzing sound. The mother pointed to her BlackBerry next to me and said with an amused twinkle in her eyes that the buzzing came from her BlackBerry, which had been turned off. Her BlackBerry had a tendency to buzz around electrical instruments like computers. In this case, I was the electrical instrument.

Although energy medicine includes a vast field of knowledge, including acupuncture, essential oils, hands on healing, and long distance healing through the mind, my focus has been in the use of energy medicine through muscle testing, Thought Field Therapy (EFT and TAT), hands on healing, and healing with Infinite Intention. All methods are seamlessly integrated with orthomolecular psychiatry and are not meant to replace clinical judgment or traditional psychiatric skills.

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