Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section for general information regarding this practice.

1) The therapeutic process begins when an individual has reviewed my website and has found the information to be in harmony with their personal beliefs and desires for holistic mental health treatment.

2) An initial psychiatric evaluation (duration 2 hours) is scheduled, to obtain a thorough health history. To facilitate this process, please fill out the Initial Intake Form. The initial appointment allows me to complete the psychiatric history, review the underlying issues with the patient, formulate a treatment plan together, and give an estimated time frame for the duration of treatment.  If appropriate, dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements, or energy medicine will be provided to help the patient initiate the healing process.

3) Follow up sessions are generally scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. An integrative approach, using my training in psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, functional/orthomolecular medicine, and energy medicine is provided during each follow up session.