Stories of light and hope from those who have healed . . .

Stories of light and hope from those who have healed . . .

Healing from Eight Years of Postpartum Depression and Hypothyroidism

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lee twice a month since October, 2013, to treat the effects from severe postpartum depression that began eight years ago, as well as to help mitigate medication side effects, and to eventually wean myself off of them. Initially, I was on a high dosage of an antidepressant (200 mg, when the regular dosage is 50 mg), two thyroid medications, and experienced almost constant and painful GI symptoms and shoulder pain with no obvious cause. However, I was still feeling depressed and anxious.

I had tried many supplements, eliminated many foods, endured various diagnostic procedures, physical therapy, seen many doctors and practitioners, both conventional and holistic, with little to no relief. I felt I was sliding downward, my body and spirit breaking down. I was losing interest in life and things I used to enjoy and feared the effect it had on my son and all other relationships in my life.

I took various supplements she prescribed, and she used EFT, guided visualization, and orthomolecular/functional medicine for about two months, and I was pleasantly surprised at how soon I started feeling better.

She explained to me the risks, cost, and approximate duration of treatment, if I wanted to get off my medications, as well as what to expect in the process, and what symptoms to look out for. It was a significant time and financial commitment for me, but I chose to go ahead, because I felt my physical health was being significantly and negatively affected by my long term medication use. Yes, I could have chosen to change or add medication to try to address all the symptoms, but why risk putting more chemicals and potential toxins in my body, and likely more symptoms, when I had an effective alternative to actual health? And, as a holistic practitioner myself I most certainly wanted to make use of the very techniques I know to work.

I am now on my 8th month of treatment and feel increasingly better: the mental fog and lack of concentration, fears and anxiety are lifting and mostly gone, GI and shoulder pain are mostly gone, and most importantly, I’m beginning to feel like my old self again – happy, looking forward to things, and connecting with people. I’m starting to trust that my body can heal itself, and that I will be OK. My resilience to normal life obstacles is coming back. I am coming back. All this while steadily decreasing not only the antidepressant, but also both thyroid medications – I’m down to less than a third of what I used to take and looking forward to being medication free soon! I just wish I found Dr. Lee much, much sooner.
— R.O.

My Recovery From Postpartum Anxiety

I am a 25 year old woman who had postpartum anxiety symptoms. It began about 1 week after the delivery of my fourth child. I experienced problems with insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite, and mild anxiety attacks. I tried to use some supplements recommended by a nutritionist who lived in our neighborhood for about a week, but it did not help me to get back to a good state of health. After two and a half weeks, I called Dr. Lee-Bloem and arranged for her to help me. She gave me a new nutritional regimen, and we also did some energy work together. Even though I had not been sleeping for more than two hours the previous two nights before I met with her, I was able to sleep for 5 hours right after my session with her, and slept for 6 hours the next night. After a week, I noticed that I was able to feel like my old self again. I was able to sleep as much as my baby lets me. My appetite is now fine. My severe anxiety and fears are gone, and I am able to be productive at my work. I am also learning how to do energy work on my own, so that I can maintain my health independently. My family is overjoyed that I have my health back, and they want to refer other people they know to this kind of holistic treatment.
— G,V.

Parting From Postpartum Depression

I run a hotline to help women going through postpartum depression. The symptoms are devastating, where the woman usually loses her appetite, has sleeping disorders, and obsessive thoughts. These are just a few of the devastating symptoms.

The word “postpartum” got a different meaning since I met Dr. Lee-Bloem. With her it no longer entails a long and difficult ordeal. Most women under her care recover quicker and more completely. The traditional medication takes approximately 4-6 weeks to kick in. With Dr. Lee-Bloem we see changes just after 2-3 days on her program. Usually women will see significant changes in 2 weeks. When already on medication and not seeing enough results, Dr. Lee-Bloem combines nutrition with medication and the results are remarkable.

Thank you Dr. Lee for always being there for us.
— Helen