Stories of light and hope from those who have healed . . .

Stories of light and hope from those who have healed . . .

Time Out for Tourette’s

My son Patrick is 12 years old and in sixth grade now. Since he was seven years old, he had motor tics symptoms like twitching and jerking. He also had Tourette’s syndrome like noise from his throat and uncontrollable movements. These symptoms changed from time to time, such as looking at his palms repeatedly, shuffling his feet while walking (almost tripping), rolling his eyes, just many unexplainable little acts. When he watched television, he would jerk and sometimes shake and jump up from the chair when he was excited. We as parents just were worried, puzzled and felt helpless. I called our pediatrician, he said bring Patrick to his office and he would observe him. I was thinking to myself, Patrick was not a monkey or an animal; it would be awkward for Patrick to sit there and the pediatrician to just look at him. I didn’t make the appointment. Then we talked with Dr. Alice Lee. She told us to give Patrick minerals. Wow, Patrick was fine within a few weeks, all the twitching was gone! Since Patrick’s symptoms disappeared, without consulting Dr. Lee, we stopped giving Patrick his supplements because those supplement pills were too big for an eight year old to swallow.

It was a mistake to stop the supplements, Patrick’s symptoms slowly kept creeping back plus more, like louder noise from his throat. When I volunteered in his class helping others to read, I could hear his involuntarily repeating noise in a quiet classroom when most of the students were reading on their own. We told Dr. Lee our concerns and worries about Patrick, this time she said she could help Patrick if we all could have an open mind in the treatment she would give to Patrick. My husband and I just told her, we would do anything to help our son.

Patrick was eleven when he started the complete supplements regimen. Just healthy supplements, there was no medication involved. Within a month, most of his symptoms were gone but not all. Dr. Lee continued to monitor Patrick’s progress and change the supplements as needed. Besides supplements, Dr. Lee also told Patrick to avoid sugar, which was Patrick’s favorite ‘? he could down a plate full of cake with ice cream easily. He would never say no to cookies, candies or anything sweet offered in school and church activities. When Patrick takes the supplements and cut out most (not all) of the sugar, he is a healthy and happy boy. He told me 99% of his symptoms are gone. Then I asked him what is that 1% left, Patrick said it’s the little sound that he still makes in his throat once in a long while.

Patrick was always a good student. However, with the help of the supplements, he can concentrate better now. He is confident and doing excellent in school. His mood is even better. He doesn’t get angry as easy. There is no way Patrick will stop taking the supplements again until Dr. Lee tells him to. We are so grateful for everything Dr. Lee has done for Patrick.

As parents, there is not a better gift to see your child healthy and happy. I was once told that traditional doctors might give Patrick anti-psychotics drug to stop Patrick’s involuntarily acts. We always heard that once a child starts on the meds, over time, the dosage and strength of the medication would have to be increased to keep up with the child’s growth. That was such discouraging news and a bleak outlook. Without Dr. Lee, we would never have known that there is a healthy alternative to traditional medicine. We are thoroughly convinced that Dr. Lee’s approach to healing Patrick saved him from years of incompatible medication and us from years of frustration and suffering. I constantly ask my husband what if we never heard about holistic psychiatry, we would still be in our miserable world worrying about our son but yet refusing to take him to our pediatrician!
— Mother of Patrick, Salt Lake City, Utah