Infinite Intention CD – A Groundbreaking Tool for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Consciousness in Healing & Improvements in Care
Phenomenal, groundbreaking, magical, and amazing!
Infinite Intention?? is all of these things, and it’s . . . practical!


It’s not just a theory. . . You can put it into practice and observe for yourself.

Anyone who wants to learn how to do the Infinite Intention?? technique can now do it easily, inexpensively, and conveniently. This 2-CD set helps you to 1) focus consciousness through intention, 2) connect consciousness to infinite energy, and 3) manifest consciousness in matter.

I have developed the Infinite Intention?? technique over the past four years in my clinical work to help my patients reduce their dependency on pills to heal. Intention as a healing tool has no boundaries with time or space, and has the potential to heal at all levels: physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Whether the CDs are being used to help with physical illness or just for personal enrichment, the benefits from using them can be magical and profound.

CD 1:

1. Infinite Intention: An Overview

2. General Healing at All Levels of Being

3. Infinite Intention: Shortened Version

CD 2:

1. The Mental Magic of Intention Without Visualization

2. Setting Your Own Specific Intentions

3. Strengthening the Immune System

4. Minimizing Withdrawal Problems

5. Using Infinite Intention to Intensify Intuition

To purchase your copy, please use the PayPal button below or contact me at 301-802-4474. Cost per 2-CD set is $50.00 plus shipping and tax. There is a quantity discount for multiple purchases.