Evidence of Energy

Energy when applied by an energy healer cannot be seen, cannot be measured, cannot be touched. Yet people who work in the field of energy medicine continue to use this approach and tout its effectiveness. From seemingly out of “nothing” comes a force that heals.

Over the course of several years, I have provided energy healing for patients through a variety of methods. One method, that of sending healing energy through the palms of my hands, has garnered for me an interesting list of sensory experiences reported to me by patients. I believe that it is helpful to catalogue these sensory experiences as a way to further our understanding of the existence of healing energy.

These comments were shared with me right after I applied energy to the patient generally along the top of the head, and often a few inches above the chakra points along the spine. Children were the most sensitive to energy healing. They, along with a few adults, could hear the energy being delivered. Some patients could feel energy along one side more than another, or feel it being “blocked” along a certain point along the chakra system.

Visual Experiences:

Patients have their eyes closed during these energy applications. So whatever they report seeing, was seen while their eyes were shut.

1. Colors: gold, green, purple, blue, violet, red, yellow, and white.

2. Movement of colors: swirling, entwining, lotus shaped, spots of light, approaching light, and lines of light.

3. People: religious figures, dream-like scenarios.

Sensory Experiences:

1. Markedly noticeable increases or decreases in body temperature.

2. Tingling in certain locations, or a tingling flow through the body.

3. Feeling out of the body.

4. Feeling tired or relaxed.

5. Tickling feeling.

6. Forceful pressure as if I had touched them or pushed them (although the hand is hovering several inches above the patient.)

7. Burning sensation.

8. Opening of “little windows” all over the body.

9. Feeling light and floating.

10. Feeling cleansed.

Auditory Experiences:

1. The sound of a train braking.

2. A high frequency sound.

3. A soft sound.

4. A rhythmic sound.

5. The sound can be louder in one ear than another.

Tactile Experiences:

1. A joint in the hip shifted slightly.

2. A bone in the neck shifted.

3. Feeling one’s abdominal region wriggling.

4. Heavy pressure or pushing sensation

5. Feeling the healer’s hand on top of the head after it had been removed.

Emotional Experiences:

1. Peaceful.

2. Happy.

3. Marked decrease in anxiety.

4. Trance-like state

Physical Experiences:

1. Normalizing blood pressure.

2. Spontaneously deeper breathing.

3. Needing to urinate afterwards.

4. Bowel movement afterwards.

5. Feeling hungry afterwards.

6. Oil oozing from tips of fingers.

7. Swelling and reddening of extremities.

As I recorded these reports from patients, I included what healing intention was performed, how it was performed, and sometimes, how long it was performed. With these notes, I was able to see a connection between sensations reported and the energy work that was being done.

For example, on more than one occasion when working on detoxification, patients reported a burning sensation, redness, swelling, and oozing of oil from the tips of the fingers. In another situation, a patient with a history of interstitial cystitis reported sensing a decrease in body temperature during the energy work. It was so marked that the patient thought I had thrown open the doors to the outside and was allowing the winter wind to blow through my office! Her experience made me wonder if the experience was somehow associated with an anti-inflammatory response.

These reports from patients helped me to:

1) see a connection between intention, energy, and a physical response or sensory experience.

2) see a pattern between what is being healed and the physical sensation or experience produced.

3) provide further evidence that thoughts are not “nothing,” but act like a force that has an immediate effect on physical matter.

4) correlate the changes in patients’ sensations over time with their gradual recovery.

As Drs. Masaru Emoto and William Tiller both showed in their research on the effect of thoughts on water: thoughts do transform matter; and in energy healing, thoughts are one of many tools that have a direct and immediate effect on healing.