Clinical Tip #4 - Energy Medicine is Indispensable in Healing

When it comes to eliminating the most difficult symptoms, such as psychosis in schizophrenia, I find that supplements and diet alone is insufficient to do the amount of work required to help a patient heal completely.  What is necessary is the integrative use of energy medicine: meditative techniques, using intention and visualization, and the use of acupressure and applied kinesiology (muscle testing).


Even within the alternative medicine community, there is a line physicians find difficult to cross, and that is the line between biochemistry and the quantum physics of energy medicine.  But, what I find in my clinical work is that the appropriate integration of energy medicine is critical and indispensable in speeding up the healing process and helping me to successfully heal the hardest to heal disorders, such as schizophrenia with its accompanying dependency on one or more antipsychotic medications. The proof of this is in the dearth of clinicians who are able to successfully help a patient get off an antipsychotic and heal from schizophrenia.  In fact, it is so unheard of, that any claims to doing so are generally discounted as being impossible.  I believe that if clinicians were more open to using energy medicine, their successes and abilities would be significantly expanded, and more clinicians would have the ability to help patients get off their antipsychotic medications safely and recover from schizophrenia naturally.

There are a number of reasons why integrating energy medicine can be helpful:

1)  It allows for quick access to information about the patient, regardless of distance or time constraints.

2) It creates the right framework of energy, information, and function for the supplements to work on.

3) It heals root causes, which have a general beneficial effect on the whole healing process, including the physical and social areas of functioning.

4) It allows changes to happen much faster than through biochemical pathways.

5) It empowers the patient learn simple techniques that allow them to take control of their recovery in a very positive way.

In addition to the academic skepticism engendered by energy medicine in alternative and integrative medicine, there are some patients who react to the power inherent in energy medicine with fear, rather than acceptance. They often do so because they believe it is a tool of the devil. Unfortunately for these patients, they lose the benefits from energy medicine that could lead them back to their highest potential, because of their association of these tools with their assumptions about God and religion.

Of course power can be dangerous, and may even seem God-like in its capacity. But for progress to occur, we must embrace power with wisdom, proper discernment, and charity.  Without openness to change and innovation, we would be stuck in the past, unable to improve our knowledge and capabilities.  Just as the caveman had to learn the uses of fire, create dwellings beyond a cave, and advance language over time, we need to learn the uses of energy medicine.  In essence, energy medicine in the world of medicine is the fire of healing, protection against injury, and the language of the universe that is analogous to the advances found in bringing fire, dwellings, and language to the caveman era.  Let’s use it for good.

Alice W. Lee, M.D.