Clinical Tip #3 - Gentle Detoxification and Its Importance in Medication Withdrawal

Although I have known for many years that detoxification was critically important in helping to create a smooth medication withdrawal, I was faced with the problem of finding a detoxification approach that would be gentle enough for my patients.  Many approaches were too strong and caused my patients to feel worse.


Recently I have been excited about two new detoxifiers that I have been able to add to my arsenal. They are both made by a company called Zortho Research.  The two products are called ZeSol and CandiClear5.

ZeSol is a gentle but highly effective remover of heavy metals.  CandiClear5 helps to remove many different toxins and pathogens from the gut, especially candida, while enhancing the nutrient status of the patient.  I began working with these supplements just recently and have been gratified with their strong clinical results. So much so that they have risen to my favorite list of supplements for my patients, and I am eager to share the good news with everyone.

Other favorite detoxification approaches have been Detox Foot Pads (Intention Health) and castor oil packs.  Of course nutritional and glandular supplements enhance detoxification: Liver Extract (Ecological Formulas), CysNAC (Neuroscience), Pure Harvest Greens (Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.), and Liposomal Glutathione (Your Energy Systems).

It is important to remember that when detoxifying, medication levels will fall faster and be lower than when you do not take detoxifiers.  So, be careful, when using medication, not to use detoxifying supplements without medical supervision.

Unfortunately, quite a few supplements that I use are only available to clinicians.  But you may be able to find these supplements online, despite their exclusivity.  The reason these supplements are only available to clinicians is probably because they have very specific clinical effects that require special monitoring and medical expertise for appropriate titration and use.

By using applied kinesiology, I can give a fairly good estimate of the dosages of supplements that patients will need on a daily basis.  With lowering toxicity levels, I saw their daily need for supplements decrease significantly.  Their nutritional regimens became less cumbersome, and their pocket books benefited as well. For me, this has demonstrated, in a concrete and measurable way, the correlation between toxicity and disease.

I am excited about finding gentle, helpful detoxification approaches for my patients, and I hope that you will also benefit from my growing clinical experiences.

Hope this helps,

Alice W. Lee, M.D.