Clinical Tip #1 - Critical Supplements During Antipsychotic Medication Withdrawal

Starting today, I’ve decided to leave short clinical tips on medication withdrawal that I hope will be helpful for people to know.  Some will be on the process of withdrawal and some will be on the content of withdrawal.  I hope that you will return to my website often to look for the latest clinical tip!


From clinical experience, I’ve found that individuals with a history of psychosis, coming off of antipsychotics, need a lot of vitamin C (powdered buffered vitamin C is easy and cheaper to use), niacinamide (B3 without the flushing), antioxidants (organic, freeze-dried Goji powder, organic freeze-dried Acai powder, or sometimes organic freeze-dried maqui powder), Co-Enzyme Q 10, and GABA supplement support. They often need to follow a strict wheat-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free diet.  The four types of GABA supplement support that I have used with patients are: GABA Calm by Source Naturals, GABA 500 mg capsules, GABA homeopathic drops, and GABA rice (germinated brown rice).  Sometimes I recommend that individuals take both GABA Calm (passes the blood-brain barrier) and GABA caps (act more peripherally), and it results in much better sleep function.  Also, stress, especially emotional stress, can make it difficult for the individual to succeed with withdrawal.  So, it’s important to keep stress levels down during withdrawal.

Hope this helps,

Alice W. Lee, M.D.