Sustainable Mental Health: Fast, Easy and Cheap

What is the number one factor that gives a person the best prognosis and the best chance for sustainable mental health? Someone who takes care of their mental health before it falls apart! In one word: prevention.

The reason why it is important to take care of yourself when stressed is because, if it is ignored day after day, it often leads to “chronic” mental illness.  Usually this begins with problems with focus, advances to mood difficulties, then to mood modulation problems or severe anxiety, and for some, to psychotic symptoms.  When stressors affect a vulnerable person, with a weakened system, it may lead to a crisis, because the person becomes overwhelmed.  At that point, a psychiatric diagnostic label is given to the person that is often considered, in America, chronic and incurable. Also, often a prescription medication is initiated, during the crisis, that is very difficult to discontinue, leading to life-long psychiatric treatment and medication dependency.

Consider the number of individuals currently taking psychotropic medications.  Don’t be the person who waits around for this to happen to you. Do something to prevent it from occurring in your life or in the life of your loved ones.

What I wish for everyone who is under stress, but is not yet at a point of crisis or taking a prescription medication, is the opportunity to address it now, before it evolves into a health crisis.

For this purpose, I am offering all those who feel stressed and have wanted to receive help before they reach a crisis point, to consider a short–four sessions–in a holistic setting, learning how to maintain sustainable mental health–at a 50% discount off of my usual fees.  You will learn about the role of nutrition, supplements and energy medicine. With your new tools, you will be supported forever in facing the challenges and stressors of life and have the tools you need to sustain mental health, and you’ll be able to do this easily, quickly, and inexpensively.