Intention, Time, and Healing in Energy Medicine

One way of improving the force, impact, and effectiveness of using intention in energy medicine is to prolong the period of time that one focuses the mind on setting a particular intention.  For example, focusing my mind on directing healing energy for a specific intention over 30 seconds will not be as powerful as focusing on the same healing intention over a period of 2 hours.  Knowing this, I recently experimented with focusing on a specific, helpful intention for a patient over a period of 20 minutes.  In contrast, in the past I had generally spent about one minute on setting specific intentions.  Each minute of the 20 minute exercise in focused intent went by at an agonizingly slow pace, and I found the exercise extremely boring and difficult, not having the training that others may have had in meditating for long periods of time.  However, I soon abandoned this laborious process and found a solution to this hurdle, by setting another intention that the FOCUS of my healing intention would continue to flow to the patient over a specified time as if I were focusing on the specific intention over that duration of time.

Having demonstrated to patients over the years the effects of time on enhancing subtle energy healing, I knew that I did not have to literally and physically focus on an intention over a prolonged period of time to take advantage of the effects of time for my patients.  I could get the same effect by directing subtle energy to flow to the patient over a period of time as if I were doing so, simply through intention.  That is the advantage of working with a tool that exists in the fourth dimension.

There are some important advantages to enhancing the power of our focus by intending that it occurs over a prolonged period of time.  For example, I noticed that patients did not need the support of minerals and essential oils as they had before this improvement in my energy medicine technique.  In addition, patients were showing less vulnerability to the toxic side effects of their prescription medications.  Finally, and most importantly, most patients were able to sense a more powerful healing process than they had ever experienced before.  As I continue to apply this concept to my energy work, I anticipate that medication withdrawal would become even easier for my patients.  My hope is that it will not only shorten the amount of time it takes to withdraw from medications, but that it will also save the patient a great deal of money in nutritional supplements.

One draw back with this improvement in my energy medicine technique was that I found myself feeling unusually hungry after doing energy healing work on my patients.  This had not happened to me before.  In fact, previous to this change in technique, I found that doing energy work seemed to get rid of hunger pangs during the day and gave me more energy to do workI surmised that my increased need for food was associated with an exponential increase in energy work on my part, though it did not increase the actual time for the sessions.  That is, energy was continuing to flow to my patients, as directed by specific set intentions, after the patient and I had moved on to another phase of the appointment.  I cannot even begin to estimate how much more work is actually being done when using time to enhance the force of the focused intent.  As an optimist, I am hoping that I will get used to this new way of doing energy work and gradually be able to do the increased work with less strain and appetite.

Another thing I noticed with this change in technique was a greater awareness that not all intentions require the same amount of focused duration for each patient.  Some patients may need 10 minutes for one intention, but may need 220 minutes for another.  The pattern soon became evident that the higher duration was associated with a patient’s greater need for a specific healing intention.

Intention manipulates the effects of subtle energy during energy healing, and over the years, I have used intention in various ways, such as:

  1. Specify the task to be done
  2. Direct the period of time that it influences
  3. Control the process of accomplishing the task
  4. Direct it to the right place and person
  5. Effect different levels of being

But now I’m adding one more important aspect of intention: enhancing the power of the focused intent.  Using time as a means to enhance force is asimple concept with a powerful punch.  Of all the progress that I have made as a holistic psychiatrist, the most profoundly revolutionary for me are those that involve the manipulation of time–using our minds not only to set a specific intent, but to guide the process of healing over a period of time.  As my old mentors in psychiatry stressed to me during my early years in residency training:  there’s CONTENT and there’s PROCESS.  Use time to change the process and reap the rewards that will only time could create.