Alternative Medical Information on Vaccines

Thought I would share a few interesting articles on vaccines as we approach winter and the pressure to choose whether to receive the flu vaccine.

Vaccine Adjuvants and Excipients

What Doctors Don't Tell You: Scientists Discover Why the Annual Flu Jab Doesn't Work

The information being provided helps to clarify some questions that people may have about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine as well as some known health risks associated with routine vaccinations.  

Natural alternatives to the vaccine may be increasing vitamin C and zinc supplement intake, using homeopathic oscillococcinum pellets when symptoms first arise, Thieves lozenges (by Young Living Essential Oils), and Silver Solution (Smart Silver Solution by Deseret Biologicals).  And, of course, try to keep your stress levels down with meditation (Energy Breaths). I have tried this approach myself and have been free from colds and flus for years.  

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Alice W. Lee, MD