Infinite Intention Album


Infinite Intention Album


Healing of Body, Mind, & Spirit

Focusing Consciousness through Intention.
Connecting Consciousness with Infinite Energy.
Manifesting Consciousness in Matter.

An 8 track album by Alice W. Lee, M.D.

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Infinite Intention (Meditation Album) is an invaluable compilation of eight tracks developed to help patients reduce their dependency on prescription medications and to empower the healing process. Intention as a healing tool has no boundaries with time or space and has the potential to heal at all levels: physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Whether this album is being used to help with physical illness or just for personal enrichment, the benefits from using it can be magical and profound.

Part 1:
1. Infinite Intention: An Overview
2. General Healing at All Levels of Being
3. Infinite Intention: Shortened Version

Part 2:
1. The Mental Magic of Intention Without Visualization
2. Setting Your Own Specific Intentions
3. Strengthening the Immune System
4. Minimizing Withdrawal Problems
5. Using Infinite Intention to Intensify Intuition