The Ask and Receive Technique

Using intention and introspection for healing.

Using intention and introspection for healing.

This technique was taught to me by psychotherapists who do energy work. Here is the general approach:

Start with a positive statement (future-present based) and say it aloud after getting relaxed (e.g.: "I am always grounded and in touch with my body"). The only instruction being to simply notice whatever arises—a thought, emotion, sensation, or memory, etc. Just notice. 

If what is noticed appears to be an obstruction or resistance, use this clearing script line by line, slowly:

 "There is a part of my being that already knows how to unhook, clear and dissolve, heal and release, this ___ (e.g.: tension in my knee)all that it represents, all of its roots, and its points of entry, throughout all generations, across all time, dimensions, space, and reality, and that part of my being is willing to inform the rest of me nowand it’s doing so now with grace and ease. My mind, body, and spirit are receiving this information now. Information transfer is now complete."

If whatever arises does not budge or becomes stronger, treat it as a "block." Simply use above statement and insert "this block" into the space.

Repeat until you feel a shift and/or until nothing else is noticed, and you feel congruence/coherence/alignment with the positive statement.