Humor’s Role in Creating Happiness

January 8, 2019
Topics covered: new year, happiness
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Elitism, Racism, and Positivism:
Exploring what really matters along life’s journey

December 18, 2018
Topics covered: elitism, racism, optimism
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Three Essential Attributes of Successful Patients:
How to Heal Enough to Stop Being a Patient

December 11, 2018
Topics covered: patients, schizophrenia, withdrawal
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Latest Approaches in Holistic Psychiatry:
Keys to a Successful Recovery

December 4, 2018
Topics covered: medication withdrawal, anxiety disorder, integrative medicine
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Measuring Shifts From Energy Healing:
Amp Coil Readings Before and After Treatment

November 27, 2018
Topics covered: Amp Coil, measuring healing effects, energy medicine
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Thanks, But No Thanks:
A Nonconformist’s Thanksgiving Plans

November 20, 2018
Topics covered: Thanksgiving celebration, life choices, ethical living
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When Only a Good Fight Will Do:
Honoring the Warrior Within

November 13, 2018
Topics covered: standing up for yourself, bullying, Maryland Board Peer Review
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The Untold Story Behind Being Late:
Revealing the Root Causes of Trauma

November 6, 2018
Topics covered: trauma, healing, Thought Field Therapy,
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Importance of the Invisible:
Living a Passionate Life

October 30, 2018
Topics covered: passion, writing, poetry
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Your Quantum Building Blocks of Life: Receiving and Rebuilding the Foundations of Health

October 23, 2018
Topics covered: EET, building states of being
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Changes, Changing, Changed, Repeat: The Evolving Life of Creators

October 16, 2018
Topics covered: adapting to change
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Victimhood: Experience, Identity, Excuse or Manipulation?

October 9, 2018
Topics covered: victimhood, racism, classism, resilience
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Angels, Demons, a Boy, and a Psychiatrist

October 2, 2018
Topics covered: religion, faith, freedom
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Introducing the Empower Energy Technique

September 25, 2018
Topics covered: energy techniques, Logosynthesis, Life Energy
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The Curious Case of the Tangled Necklaces

September 18, 2018
Topics covered: intention and its effects on material matter
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The Mechanics of It All

September 11, 2018
Topics covered: medication exposures’ effect on the endocannabinoid and immune systems
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Divine Synchronicity in Friendships

September 4, 2018
Topics covered: friendship, synchronicity
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The Endocannabinoid System in Mental Health

August 28, 2018
Topics covered: endocannabinoids, Energy Medicine, MJ and antipsychotic withdrawal
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Five Common Mistakes During Medication Withdrawal

August 21, 2018
Topics covered: medication withdrawal principles
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Meeting Life With Poise

August 14, 2018
Topics covered: coping strategies for stress
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Simple Guidelines for a Holistic Approach

August 7, 2018
Topics covered: basic principles, levels, categories for healing
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Learning From Our Mistakes

July 31, 2018
Topics covered: learning from mistakes, 5-HTP, physiological pH
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The Top Three Attributes for a Quality Life

July 24, 2018
Topics covered: humility, compassion, integrity
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"Evidence-based Medicine" Energy Medicine Style

July 17, 2018
Topics covered: energy medicine, muscle testers, mind-body connection
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A Reliable Source of Resilience

July 10, 2018
Topics covered: Stress management, resilience, spirituality
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Pearls of the Practice

July 3, 2018
Topics covered: anxiety, mitochondrial health,
nutritional supplement delivery system

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A Holistic and Integrative Approach to Weight Loss

June 26, 2018
Topics covered: weight loss, nutrition, energy
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If life gives you chives...

June 19, 2018
Topics covered: Father's Day, forgiveness, transformation
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On a Few Miracles

June 12, 2018
Topics covered: miracles, medication withdrawal, healing from bipolar illness
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Three Great Tips on Publishing Your Own Book

June 5, 2018
Topics covered: writing, publishing, creativity
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What Happy People Know

March 22, 2017
Topics covered: happiness
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Consolations: The Writing and Poetry of David Whyte

February 8, 2017
Topics covered: David Whyte's poetry, suffering
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Our Gifts

January 25, 2017
Topics covered: individuality, passions
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Love Knots: Twisted Rules that Govern How We Love

January 11, 2017
Topics covered: love, relationships
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Spiritual Pioneers and Where to Find Them

December 21, 2016
Topics covered: spirituality, self-exploration
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PAIRS and Shares

December 7, 2016
Topics covered: conflict resolution in PAIRS, communication in relationships, self-exploration
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On Unconditional Love

November 30, 2016
Topics covered: unconditional love, cannabanoids
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A Way to Nurture Beautiful Relationships: PAIRS

November 9, 2016
Topics covered: relationships, communication, PAIRS
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The Wisdom, Insight, and Power of Patients

November 2, 2016
Topics covered: spirituality, self-exploration
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Matter and Energy: Colleagues along the Healing Journey

October 26, 2016
Topics covered: Halloween, healing, medication withdrawal
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The Glass Ceiling: A Barrier and an Opportunity

October 19, 2016
Topics covered: personal obstacles, self-exploration
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Two Parables for Reflection

October 12, 2016
Topics covered: self-exploration
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Reflections and Clinical Pearls from the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) 2016 Conference

October 5, 2016
Topics covered: holistic psychiatry, IMMH
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At the Center of Healing is...

September 28, 2016
Topics covered: healing, meditation
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The Filters We Use

September 21, 2016
Topics covered: photography, optimism
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Unity Walk 2016: Know Your Neighbor

September 14, 2016
Topics covered: religious tolerance, Unity Walk
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Obtaining Your Heart's Desire and the Meaning of Cinderella's Glass Slipper

September 7, 2016
Topics covered: love, authenticity, symbolism in fairy tales
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Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique

August 31, 2016
Topics covered: anxiety, addiction, healing, EFT technique
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Integrating Journaling with Meditation

August 24, 2016
Topics covered: journaling, meditation, inspiration
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Welcome to My First Newsletter

August 16, 2016
Topics covered: Restore, ICNM, poetry, viewpoint
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