Let’s get together!

Let’s get together!

Group Consultations

Hello there!

Get the help you need right away at a fraction of the cost of an individual session. New groups are forming now.

What is a group consultation?
Group consultations allow individuals to meet together for a two hour session to learn about the following:

  1. Functional/orthomolecular medicine principles

  2. Energy medicine principles

  3. Energy testing techniques

  4. Medication withdrawal principles

  5. Dietary considerations

  6. How to heal from stress and traumas using energy techniques

  7. Half hour question and answer period

How to get started:

  1. Fill out the Initial Intake form under the “Start Here” tab

  2. Indicate that you want to join the group consultation on the form.

  3. Dr. Lee will contact you and arrange for you to be included.

Cost per session: $150.00 per session (2 hr. duration). 50% off for additional attendees you wish to join you, such as your spouse, friend, or relative.

When are the groups being held? Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm.