The Parable of the Remodeling Project

June 11, 2019
Topics covered: transformation, remodeling, patience

The Epigenetics of Energy Medicine

June 4, 2019
Topics covered: epigenetics, energy medicine, genes

The Trip: Finding my way back home

May 28, 2019
Topics covered: family, love, trips, conflict resolution

Improving the Standard of Care

May 21, 2019
Topics covered: psychiatry, holistic medicine, pharmaceutical industry

Motherhood: Constant Entertainment

May 14, 2019
Topics covered: motherhood, Mother’s Day, childhood

The Ultimate Investment: More meaningful than money!

May 7, 2019
Topics covered: money, investment

Which is More Powerful: Functional or Energy Medicine?

April 30, 2019
Topics covered: energy medicine, functional medicine, holistic health

Perfection’s Hiding Place: How to find perfection in everyday life

April 23, 2019
Topics covered: poem, unconditional love, self-criticism

Owning Your Life: Using energy medicine techniques for self-acknowledgment

April 16, 2019
Topics covered: energy medicine, empowerment, self-esteem

The Pill Paradox: When medications cause diseases

April 9, 2019
Topics covered: medication withdrawal, xenobiotics

Thirty-eight Beads: Pioneering new paths into unknown territories

April 2, 2019
Topics covered: medication withdrawal, Cymbalta, pioneer

Hardy Helpers: Herbals and Homeopathy:
More tools for your toolbox

March 26, 2019
Topics covered: herbals, homeopathy, mental health

The Bare Bone Basics: What to do and why, when money is in short supply!

March 19, 2019
Topics covered: nutrition, energy breaths, EET, Logosynthesis

From Understanding to Compassion:
Shifting Consciousness to Insight

March 12, 2019
Topics covered: psychiatry, holistic, empathy

My Own Journey Towards a Healthier Life

March 5, 2019
Topics covered: lifestyle, smoothies, exercise

Treating Underlying Causes of Mental Illness

February 26, 2019
Topics covered: genetics, nutrition, stressors, toxicity, infection, medication withdrawal

On Patients’ Spiritual and Paranormal Experiences

February 19, 2019
Topics covered: spirituality, paranormal experiences, integrative psychiatry

Evolution: Braving the Unknown—The Courage of Everyday Life

January 29, 2019
Topics covered: courage, uncertainty, evolving

The Freedom to Say “No”: The Beauty of Boundaries

January 22, 2019
Topics covered: setting boundaries, healthy lifestyle

The Other Side of Regret: Gifts from our Hardships

January 15, 2019
Topics covered: regret, gifts from hardships, anxiety disorder

Humor’s Role in Creating Happiness

January 8, 2019
Topics covered: new year, humor, happiness