Divine Synchronicity in Friendships

Acknowledging the support we receive from friends.

Acknowledging the support we receive from friends.

Hello Everyone,

It's wonderful to have the chance to create another newsletter for you.  Thank you for reading each week, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers! 

Today, I would like to share some personal stories about friendships that magically appeared when I needed them. 

I believe that friendships allow us to see divine synchronicity in action--how Life miraculously supports us through difficult times.

I hope these stories will help you to recognize divine synchronicities in your life and to appreciate the friendships that support you.

Right after Christmas, when I was a junior in college, I was driving to the University of Utah gymnasium with a racquetball racquet to play racquetball by myself.  The racquet was a Christmas present from a guy I dated for two years.  He wanted to marry me on the condition that I stop wanting to be a doctor and change my plans to having 12 kids with him instead.  When I didn't respond to his vision for my future, he broke up with me, leaving me with a racquet but no partner to play with.

On the drive there, I told God that I really needed a friend (to play racquetball with).  Being pre-med and dating someone exclusively for two years had put me in a  difficult situation of not having other friends.  I felt sorry for myself and was probably a pitiful sight, as I was crying and sniffling while driving.   

After hitting the ball around the court for a while, I realized that I had forgotten my antiperspirant and went to get it from my car.  When I returned, I found another girl playing on my racquetball court.  Apparently, I forfeited my court because I had forgotten to sign in.  Dejected, I went up to the indoor track for a run.  The girl came and found me and asked if I wanted to play racquetball with her, as she was by herself and was just starting to learn.  It turned out that she lived near my home and was around my height.  She and I became regular racquetball partners and close friends for over 20 years. 

Divine synchronicity!

This past year, I found myself in equally dire circumstances when it came to friendships.  In August 2017, I had chosen to formally leave the Mormon Church after being a member for 48 of my 54 years of life.  It was the right decision for me, but it left a big social vacuum in my life.  You'd have to understand the Mormon community to know why ex-Mormons don't usually hang out with old Mormon acquaintances.  Once again, I asked God for help since I didn't know how to find new friends at this stage in my life.

One by one, new friendships came to me.  Recently, I realized this gradual transformation as I was chatting with Karen.  She began working for me about a year ago, helping me deal with mail and filing.  We were chatting about changes in her life (opening her new store and moving to a new million-dollar home). 

"I hope you won't stop helping me!" I said (it was becoming clear that Karen won't be needing the money she earned from helping me).

"Oh, no! I'll still come." She reassured me.  

I felt relieved and happy.  In that moment, I realized how much I appreciate her.  Over the past year, in addition to helping me with my mail, Karen has helped me stay fit by exercising with me twice a week.  We have similar perspectives and values (she even signed up for my newsletters), and it's easy to talk with her.  We have become good friends. 

Then there's Jack, the rapper/IT person, who came on board to help me with my website and newsletters each week.  Initially, I had a stereotype about rappers and was a little skeptical about Jack being professional and reliable, but not anymore!  He has been truly helpful. 

When I found myself procrastinating on my book, I asked Jack if he could help me by holding me accountable for writing each day.  Serendipitously, Jack had three years of experience teaching at a writing center.  With his friendly daily texts, reminders of my next "assignment," and his positive editing support, I have made more progress over the past two weeks than I have over the past two months.  Annie Wylde, my editor at KN Literary Arts, is thrilled with me! 

Today I spoke with a recent acquaintance, Helena Amos, an acupuncturist in Rockville.  We are working together to help a patient with POTS who was suffering after lowering her Cymbalta.  As a team, we are making great progress.  We speak the same holistic language and understand each other's clinical approach perfectly.  I have a feeling she will be another new and awesome friend.  I have needed someone who knew how to use a Bioscan machine near my office for quite a while now, and she has needed a doctor who can manage medications.  

Divine synchronicity!

How has the universe helped you to find friendships in your life?  How has help and support come along just when you needed it? 

I believe in a loving, empowering universe and trust that support will come to us at the right time.  When life gets rough and challenging, I believe that we have the creative ability to transform our difficulties into learning opportunities and strengths.

May you believe in and ask for divine synchronicity in your life and receive help from a loving universe as you face life's challenging scenarios.