Introducing the Empower Energy Technique

Empower yourself through Life Energy

Empower yourself through Life Energy

Hello Everyone!

As you read this week's newsletter, I will be in South Africa, shooting more nature pictures to bring back to show you!  Thank you for reading my newsletters and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers.

This week, I want to introduce a new technique I created.  I decided to name it, "Empower Energy Technique," or EET for short. 

I've been applying this approach in various settings,
and it works great!  People notice a shift and
like its positive, empowering influence. I hope
you'll give it a try.

Have a super week.  May your light bring joy to others.

Introducing the New Empower Energy Technique (EET)

A simple, effective way to shift, transform, and attract energy!

How EET evolved, what it is, and how to use it:

EET evolved from my use of Logosynthesis in my psychiatry practice. Logosynthesis is a simple, systematized approach using intention to shift and release energy to help resolve problems. You do not need to tap on any acupressure points. Using muscle testing (applied kinesiology), I demonstrated during my clinical sessions that the energy shifts resulted in stronger energy states. Over time, I learned a short cut for Logosynthesis. Instead of stating all three sentences, one could say, “I now apply the Logosynthesis Process on ___."

With EET, Life Energy is being used to help shift energy, rather than shifting it alone. Life Energy is defined as all the energy you need to create an optimal state of life. It includes the energies of unconditional love, peace, joy, truth, creativity, strength, harmony, balance, goodness, mercy, forgiveness, health, wholeness, purity, abundance, courage, and freedom. It includes these energies and others that will help you at each moment to create a life filled with health and well-being. Life Energy exists at all levels of being (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social) and through space and time.

Instead of focusing on the problem, EET focuses on the positive outcome or change you wish to create. It is important to specify time and be aware that the bigger the change, the more energy would be required to shift from where you are to where you want to be. Results should unfold organically. Continue to work on setting positive intentions and do your part in creating the changes you want for you life. Doing EET empowers you to create, heal, or attract, but it's not a magic wand.

Here is the simple sentence to use for EET:
I now choose to align myself with Life Energy and be empowered to ____.

Here are some examples of how to apply it:

  1. I now choose to align myself with Life Energy and be empowered to find solutions to my management problems at work that will help the company to make positive changes going forward.

  2. I now choose to align myself with Life Energy and be empowered to heal the underlying causes and triggers for my PVCs now.

  3. I now choose to align myself with Life Energy and be empowered to heal my fear of public speaking.

After stating the phrase out loud, take a few deep, relaxed breaths.  Just as I often do in Logosynthesis, I will find myself yawning or my eyes might get a little teary after stating the phrase.  I think of these symptoms as subtle signs of a shift in energy.

I have been muscle testing the shift in energy after using EET, and it consistently helps my patients to shift to a higher level of strength and energy.  The energy shift is significant, immediate, and measurable.  I anticipate, however, that the healing process will unfold at all levels of being in a holistic, organic, and optimal way.

Let me know how you like this simple technique. I hope it will bring greater healing and joy in your life.