The Curious Case of the Tangled Necklaces

A place for discovery beneath the tangled setting

A place for discovery beneath the tangled setting

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for reading this week's newsletter and a big welcome to all the new subscribers.  I'm glad that you're here and hope that you'll enjoy my reflections today.

This week, I want to share some stories about how thoughts can manipulate material matter.  As incredible as these experiences may be, they are all true!

I hope you'll find these stories enlightening and useful to you.

Have a wonderful week!

As I walked by the department store's jewelry counter, I saw two female clerks talking animatedly together.  Being curious, I asked them what was the matter.

One woman turned and replied, "We've been trying to untangle this all day but haven't made any progress!"  This was a ball of twisted chains, about the size of a pancake, held in her two outraised palms.

"I might be able to help.  I have a knack for untangling chains," I said, remembering the one time I had the same problem with a necklace years ago.  I was not able to untangle it for over an hour (turned out it was two identical chains knotted together).  However, after I applied some energy techniques on the knotted chains, they untangled almost immediately.

The lady handed me the massive ball of chains, and I went to work on this bigger challenge.  I reminded myself of some basic principles about energy at the quantum level, 1) all matter is made of energy, 2) energy is information and holds intelligence, and 3) my intelligence and the necklaces' intelligence are made of the same Life Energy. 

I was curious if I could, for the second time, replicate what happened when I tried to untangle my necklaces at home.  The experiment involved directing my thoughts and intentions to the tangled necklaces, as if the necklaces were sentient, and see if my polite directions to them and even encouragement and gratitude for their cooperation, would result in an easier untangling process.  

I didn't time myself, but it felt like somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes later, I was done.  Five necklaces laid side by side on the glass counter.  I don't know how it happened so easily.  Perhaps I was being guided as much as I was "guiding" the necklaces.

When I told the clerks that I was done.  One exclaimed in shock, "It's a miracle!  How did you do that?" 

I explained to them how I did it and left.  They stared at me like I was from Mars, as I retraced my way past them again, having headed the wrong way when I left the counter.  I always get disoriented in department stores.  

Over the years, I have applied these same principles on "transforming heavy metals into water."  I would visualize the heavy metals in the patient as small dark particles, and I would target Life Energy to them and imagine their energy being reorganized and transformed to clear drops of water.  Twice, mothers have called me back later in the afternoon to tell me that their kid had to "pee four times in the next hour."  After one session, a nine-year-old boy's psychotic symptoms disappeared, and he didn't need to take his antipsychotics anymore.  His supplement dosages also went down after the treatment. 

Sometimes, when no one is around to help me, I will do energy work on frustratingly heavy furniture (yes, I direct nice thoughts to the furniture) that refuses to budge.  Somehow, I am able to move it from one floor to another once I do energy work.  Perhaps I am the one that gets stronger, or the furniture gets lighter.  I don't know what changes, but I am able to manage it when I use energy on these heavy objects.  

Faith in the unseen is so hard.  I wish I were like Barbara Brennan or Adam McLeod who can see people's energy fields.  But I can't.  So, through different experiences, I have to learn how energy can be shifted and transformed through intention and let faith lead the way.

I guess I just have to accept that these basic quantum principles about energy and matter are true and can be applied in useful ways, rather than stuffing these unbelievable experiences in a glass case like curiosities to be admired on rare occasions.  I need to systematize my approach to matter based on these quantum principles, rather than applying them haphazardly when all else fails.  I need to act on my understanding with greater faith in its replicability and use my understanding to help in a consistent and methodical manner. 

I hope that my stories will remind you of all the times you had used your thoughts and intentions to shift things in your life.  I encourage you to trust your innate abilities and use them more frequently.  Don't use your quantum abilities as a last resort when all else fails.  It's free. Why not use it more often?