At the Center of Healing is...


Hi everyone,

This week I decided to offer you all some variety in my newsletter.

I discuss a list of health insights, but from a variety of perspectives. 

In other words, I approach three different topics on health and healing - one approach is more abstract, coming from poetry; one is about some new information I've learned, and how I plan to apply it to my practice; and one is a recording I made to help you if you're dealing withdrawal issues.

I hope you find it useful, and enjoy :)

At the Center of Healing Is…


“To love yourselves is the final hurdle,
The definitive frontier of humanity.”

“Let me remind you,
Love is not something to be earned.
It cannot be judged,
Meted out, or taken away.
Love is something that you

Immanuel’s Book III pp 143, 150

These quotes taken from “Immanuel’s Book III, What is an Angel Doing Here?” belong to a series of books compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton.  The passages in these books flow like poetry and are replete with profound wisdom such as the quotes above.  Reading any chapter provided by Immanuel is like walking through the Smithsonian Art Museum, where precious masterpieces are hung row upon row, and room after room.  The richness of the experience is intense, dense, and elevating.  For those who have never heard of the Immanuel’s Book Series, I would highly recommend them as a life-long resource for comfort and peace.

These particular quotes remind us that we are here to be love, rather than to earn love.  Like a lighthouse shining on a dark sea, we have within us the innate memory of and the ability to share real love.  Through love, the gravity, entropy, chaos, violence, ignorance, fear and illness that are part of this world can be transformed.

Something new I learned...


Over this past week, I was happy to learn about the use of branched chain amino acids and choline bitartrate in the holistic treatment of bipolar manic symptoms.  I have started to use these two products in my practice. 

I am thankful to Dr. Michael Gurevich for sharing his clinical wisdom with me.  He is a wonderful holistic psychiatrist from Long Island, New York, who also integrates both orthomolecular/functional medicine with mind-body/energy medicine, in his pursuit of healing mental illness, through natural approaches.  A big thank you to Dr. Gurevich!

New on My Site


For those who have difficulty with concentration, I have created a one-minute meditation, for minimizing medication withdrawal problems. 

Check out my media section for the recording.  I ask my patients to listen to it daily to support their ability to adjust to lowering medication dosages. Because it is a shortened version of the full recording called “Minimizing Withdrawal Problems” I do not go into any detail about the use of “Life Energy.” 

But, to clarify what Life Energy is - it is energy that allows our life to be whole, complete and optimally healthy and well, such as unconditional love, peace, joy, harmony and truth. 

Since it is a new recording, we will have to wait and see how effective it will be, as an adjunctive support for withdrawal. For now, it will be freely available on my website for anyone to use, who may need additional help with medication or illegal drug withdrawal.