Integrating Journaling with Meditation


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Integrating Journaling with Meditation:
Creating, Transcending, Resolving, and Intuiting through Divine Connection.


In 2004, Donna E., an energy medicine mentor, asked me to keep a journal, where I could practice “channeling” and have “conversations with God”, or my higher Self.  I agreed to give it a try.  I purchased a beautiful, blue leather journal for the purpose of practicing my psychic skills in this way.  On April 6, 2004, I sat down and did as I was instructed to do, writing “M” for me, and “A” for answer.  Later, I would change the “A” to “G” for God.  I would take the journal to Donna and read my entries to her.  I did not know if the entries were channeled or imagined, but I kept practicing.  Donna was delighted with my progress.
I had to admit that I was quite surprised by these journal entries, because the answers I received were far wiser than I could have possibly concocted through my imagination or intellect.  Years later, when I revisited those entries, I still found them instructive.  It seemed as if those entries never grew less profound, though I had matured over time.  Organizing them, as a conversation between God and I, allowed me to discern them visually from the other journal entries.  Because I found the process to be so helpful, I often turned to this approach when I needed solace and support for particularly troublesome problems or difficult questions.  And inevitably, my attempts to do so would yield what I needed, to meet and transcend my problems.

The way to integrate journaling with meditation is: 
1) Have a piece of clean paper to write on, or you can type the entry in your computer
2) Decide who you would like to tune into (God, your guides, angels, your higher Self etc.)
3) Decide how you will differentiate yourself from your channeled response in your entry
4) Write down your thoughts and alternate it with the thoughts that enter your mind, when you tune into the desired source.

To help one tune into a divine and inspired source, or meditate more effectively, it is helpful to calm and clear the mind, set a clear intention to connect, and open your heart and mind to the words that enter.  One must suspend disbelief, connect through intention, and write down the words as they appear, either verbally or visually, in your mind.  You don’t need to wait until the whole sentence appears in your mind, or understand what the sentence will lead to.  Simply write it down as the words appear.  At first, the words and sentences will often connect in ways that exceed one’s ability to comprehend.  It is not unusual, for the profoundness of the responses, to sink in the following day, rather than right away.  Have faith that enlightened, divine sources are eager and willing to support you in this process.

I will share a particularly memorable entry about the importance of holes.


The following excerpt is part of a journal entry that I wrote on May 30, 2004.  It illustrates how responses I received were impossible for me to concoct through my own imagination or intellect (M=Me, G=God):

M:  You make it sound so simple, but it’s not.

G:  Sorry.  From this vantage point, it does look like child’s play.  I realize that from the ground looking up, the anthill does look like a mountain.

You are God.  What is impossible to God?  You’ve made it harder on yourself by the process of forgetting.  Think of it as a game of “pin the tail on the donkey.”  What fun would it be, if you weren’t blindfolded first, before you tried to pin the tail?  You had to first be spun around, to lose your sense of direction too.  It’s a symbolic game of life—pin the tail on the donkey.

M:  Okay.  I’ll give you some credibility.  But what about pain?  Pain is real.  --- caused me pain.

G:  First, remember ---.  Pain is a warning sign for danger—to avoid the noxious stimulus the next time.  If you didn’t experience the pain, you would not have learned to avoid being noxious yourself.  Next, though pain is seen as unnecessary and an abnormal, superfluous experience in life, if you didn’t feel the pain, your subsequent joy would be diminished.  It is the power of duality.  The deeper the hole, the higher you rise.  Be grateful for the holes in your life.

M:  How can holes help me rise?

G:  A lot of ways.  Like the mountain of dirt that every hole represents, each hole is also what has been removed.  The deeper the hole, the more dirt has been removed.  In life, the deeper the hole, the more dirt you’ve moved through, and moving through dirt is like going through negative experiences.  Now the pile of dirt is like potential material to build things with.  Dirt can be turned into bricks for houses, for example.  Dirt can be used to plant flowers in.  So, the more dirt you’ve dug out, the more material you have to work with.  Sometimes, people find a jewel or a treasure box in the dirt.  That’s when God and angels move through the dirt and leave a gift.

M:  Well…I do have a lot to work with, that’s true.  I guess my dirt is still dirt though.  It certainly hasn’t turned into a glorious mansion.

G:  Well, think again.  Would you be talking with me if you haven’t already reached a level of achievement?  Your dirt has been scaled by you and has lifted you up to me.  Or, you’re too dirty for anyone else to pay attention to…haha.

M:  Very funny, God.

G:  Life is funny, my child.  Pin the tail on the donkey, climbing in dirt, even the galaxies, with their pinwheels in the sky, it’s all a carnival, a game.  When the fire works die down, and the carnival closes down, we go back home tired but satisfied with the rides and the excitement of forgetting ourselves in the wonder.

When I wrote down the responses that showed up in my mind, for this entry, I had no idea how one phrase would lead to another, or how I would be given new ideas.  For example, I did not know, before I wrote it down, that “pin the tail on the donkey” was a symbolic game of life.  I had never thought much of that game until that moment, and certainly never thought of its symbolism.  So, practicing this process of tuning in to your divine connection can provide a wider understanding of life and surprising insights.


Over the years, I have used this process to help me in practical ways, such as: 1) have a clearer vision of future events, 2) resolve emotional despair over losses and failures, 3) improve my self-esteem, 4) build a stronger connection with God, so I don’t feel that I’m talking to thin air when I pray, 5) help me to have greater ability for empathy and forgiveness, and 6) help me to detach from things that limit me.  The list can go on, because the ways in which our divine connection and communication can assist us are endless.  

Even though in this entry, I chose to put “G” for God, I do not claim that I can speak to God.  In fact, I really don’t know what source was providing the responses.  What I do know is that my mind and heart was trying to tune to the highest form of divine connection that I could possibly reach.  And to me, that source had the name, “God.”  I hope that when you tune into the source that you wish to connect to, it will bring a flow of love, support, and wisdom into your life that will surprise and delight you.  I believe that it is innate for people to be able to do this.  I don’t think we need to be a guru, sitting alone on a mountain, to talk to God or our higher Self.  We are more divine than we are human.  Our energies can connect to a higher source of inspiration and it is useful for us to practice using our connection to help us in practical ways.  I hope that you will use this approach the next time you have a problem or question you seek to resolve.