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New Clinical Tips - 1 & 2


1. Restore, http://restore4life.com/, is a liquid supplement that helps reduce leaky gut syndrome in the face of glysophate (Roundup) exposure.  Glysophate is found in common herbicides and is highly toxic to humans.  When one introduces Restore to the gut, the gut is able to withstand the way glysophates dissolve the tight junctions between the cells in the gut.  I believe that this product not only does so in the gut, but probably benefits the entire body in many profound ways.  I highly recommend this supplement as part of recovery in mental health.  I have had great success in using a variety of nutritional supplements in the past, but it was only when I started using Restore that certain “difficult patients” began to also benefit from the functional approach with surprisingly good speed and results.  Take a look at this supplement on their website and see if you can benefit from taking it too.

2. I just attended the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine (ICNM), July 29 ad 30, 2016.  I was astounded by the information presented and very moved by Rich Roll’s beautiful retelling of his recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse to become an ultra endurance athlete through a whole foods, plant based diet.  He went to Stanford for college and has a law degree from Columbia University.  Also, he is very handsome!  Oh dear, am I digressing?  Anyway, I am going to implement what I learned at the conference, into my own life.  I was truly inspired by the presenters and convinced that their messages are not only important to my personal, long-term health, but also to the health of my patients, and globally, for our planet.  I will still be taking my supplements, but I know that as I improve my diet, they will become less central to maintaining my health.  I am so grateful for their leadership in nutrition and their heartwarming efforts to educate all of us in doing what is good, right, and healthy nutritionally.  I would highly recommend anything that Dr. Neal Barnard recommends!  I bought his book, “Breaking the Food Seduction.”  It is an easy read.  I am enjoying it so far and would recommend others who are struggling with cravings for unhealthy foods to buy it and read it!

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My new poem, entitled, "Love Affair"