Matter and Energy: Colleagues along the Healing Journey

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall season.  Halloween is just around the corner.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  This year, I will be passing out quarters rather than candy for Halloween.  I did it in the past, and the kids loved it.  

I like passing out quarters, because I feel bad when I give out candy, knowing that it is harmful to the children and contributing to their sugar addiction.  At the end of Halloween night, I can go to sleep with a clean conscience, having found a compromise between my desire to make children happy, and my desire to act with integrity despite social expectations to do otherwise.  Perhaps my solution may encourage you to do something similar during Halloween. 

This week, I thought I would write a little about energy medicine.  It is a difficult subject to explain, and I have only touched the tip of the iceberg.  However, I hope this article will help you to appreciate what is possible through this field.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Matter and Energy: Colleagues along the Healing Journey


Over the past three months, I have attended three integrative medicine conferences.  Each has taught me a great deal about diet, supplements, and medication side effects.  While attending, I met a number of colleagues, who were relatively new to the field of integrative medicine.  I empathized with them, remembering how hard it had been for me to change my paradigms on healing.  It’s difficult to digest the idea that nutrition could be powerful medicine, much less learn the ton of material being presented.  

A number of times, I was questioned by them about what I have learned over the years and had the opportunity to share my expertise and experiences.  Sometimes, as I spoke, the clinician(s) would write down the information on her cell phone—information on supplements, organizations, and energy medicine techniques.  Some have followed up since these conferences, to collaborate with me in their clinical work.  

Although I could share information about supplements and organizations with ease, and they received the information readily, I struggled mightily when it came to discussing energy medicine and how it contributed to a patient’s ability to heal also.  In fact, without my tools in energy medicine, I know I would not have been able to help my patients taper off medications safely, even if I had been adept with every supplement on the planet.  It was a frustrating, lonely experience to fail at explaining this half of my healing approach.

I have called energy medicine “the quantum physics of healing.”  It was a term that best defined it, and I came up with that phrase long before the book, “The Quantum Doctor” by Amit Goswami, Ph.D., was ever published.  Energy medicine is to functional medicine what an atom bomb is to a cannon ball.  The power of energy medicine is immense and multifaceted.  I have used it over the past 13 years to easily access helpful information through muscle testing.  Doing so had allowed me to create appropriate and complex nutritional regimens that adapted to the needs of the patient through real time, thus, paving the way for a safer medication withdrawal process. 

In addition, energy medicine, in the form of meditation recordings, helped my patients to efficiently adapt to lower medication dosages (See the recording, Minimizing Medication Withdrawal Problems).  For example, one important adaptation was the need to decrease the number of receptors, once a medication’s blocking effects had been reduced.  Not every consequence of medication withdrawal could be addressed through a supplement or diet.  It is crucial to the withdrawal process to be able to access necessary information and energy to help the process along.

Describing what energy medicine techniques can do is the easy part.  The hard part is describing how to do it.  This problem reminds me of an interaction I had with a friend and colleague, Vincent Gouwy, O.D.  He is an osteopathic physician working in Belgium, who does energy healing work in his practice.  I met him at an International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) conference, where he presented on NDEs being a shift in consciousness.  As a child, he had the ability to see light above people’s heads.  He doesn’t see such things anymore.  Yet, he told me one day, “You’re just glowing and glowing!”  

A few days later, I asked, “How can you tell if you can’t see light?” 

He responded, “I simply can ☺”  And that was that.


Basically, the best way to summarize how to do energy medicine is: You simply can.  Or, you can’t—because the Jeffrey Dahmer types would probably have a very difficult time indeed.  The beauty and problem of learning energy medicine lie in its reliance on the instrument of healing and intuiting—you.  How Life Energy flows through you depends on who you are (your energy state) and not what you have.  If you are innately honest, chances are that muscle testing, to distinguish between true vs. false information, would come easily to you.  If your energy has always been positive and uplifting to others, chances are that sending healing energy will come naturally to you as well.

It all depends on your connection and oneness with the universal field of Life Energy, a force whose effects can easily be demonstrated through muscle testing.

If we can separate content from process in healing, then supplements/nutritional interventions would be the backbone of content, and energy medicine would be the backbone of process.  Matter and information, together, the two make the journey of healing doable from beginning to end.