"Evidence-based Medicine" Energy Medicine Style

July 17, 2018
Topics covered: energy medicine, muscle testing, mind-body connection
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A Reliable Source of Resilience

July 10, 2018
Topics covered: Stress management, resilience, spirituality
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Pearls of the Practice

July 3, 2018
Topics covered: anxiety, mitochondrial health,
nutritional supplement delivery system

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A Holistic and Integrative Approach to Weight Loss

June 26, 2018
Topics covered: weight loss, nutrition, lifestyle
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If life gives you chives...

June 19, 2018
Topics covered: Father's Day, forgiveness, transformation, allegory
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On a Few Miracles

June 12, 2018
Topics covered: miraculous results from functional and energy medicine
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Three Great Tips on Publishing Your Own Book

June 5, 2018
Topics covered: writing, creativity, publishing
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